Dear Julia Gillard, part 1

8 09 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to see Julia Gillard. 

As a hubber who happens to live in Ms Gillard’s electorate,  I dropped by her office to ask for a moment of her time, when a member of her staff informed me of the most astounding fact.

Education is a state issue, not a federal issue. 

Oh dear.  Perhaps someone should alert Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd to this fact, seeing as the Labor party do seem to be working on their National Action Plan on Literacy and Numeracy. Come to think of it, Mr Howard has also been known to dabble in federal funding for schools.

Needless to say, I was not offered the opportunity to speak with Julia herself, instead shuffled off to the state member’s office around the corner. 

What does this tell me about the Australian Labor Party? Very little.  What it does demonstrate is that no matter how inspired or innovative their education strategy might be, just one person dishing out poor information can do damage.

Ah, the irony.  I want to talk about the need to develop a national strategy for information literacy, and I am stopped by one poorly informed person.

Stay tuned for attempt #2.




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26 09 2007

Our conclusion, then, is while state issues concern all of us involved in education, there are broader issues which can be addressed at the federal level. This especially applies to equitable funding and staffing of school libraries across all states. We need to build not just learning communities, but learning societies!

23 01 2008
Dear Julia Gillard, part 2 « The Hub

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