Education – flavour of the month?

16 11 2007

This started off as a pre-election site, but the sudden demise of a cord to recharge has meant no laptop for a few weeks. Oh well.  Still, a week to go to add some meandering thoughts, and then we can focus on whichever party we end up with for the next three years.

It was suggested to me that my initial post sounded too “anti Labor” which wasn’t my intention at all. As a teacher, I’m fairly pro-Labor (in a Green kind of way).   In fact, I have only ever known one teacher to admit voting Liberal.  Shortly after voting for Jeff Kennett in Victoria, she lost her job in the school closures that followed. 

This isn’t pro-Liberal or pro-Labor, it’s pro-education.  Having said that, after this week’s campaign launches, with education a prominent feature, school libraries have more of a hope under an “education revolution” than tax breaks for parents.  As a parent of Government school students, I don’t find it all that onerous on the budget, especially after $700 kindergarten fees.  School uniforms are cheaper than regular clothes (especially when you have a five year old who wears her uniform on weekends too, but more on her later). 

With Labor’s big broadband and computer promises, it’s a great time for school libraries to really get on the national agenda. In fact  I would go so far as to say that there will never be a better time for library advocates to push for a national standard for libraries in schools.  If we end up with Prime Minister Rudd, then our time has come. If every school is going to have first rate information technology, then it is essential to have an information literacy expert in every school as well.  THAT person is a TL.  Tell your local member today.




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