To make an omelette, we need to break eggs

19 11 2007

The Hub has emerged from a profession whose members have been frustrated for many years with diminishing budgets, staffing, recognition and support.  While The Hub hopes to work in unison with our professional groups and principals, at some stage we need to point out what’s gone wrong.  So, for your reading pleasure, here is my first (and second) stir of the pot (or whisk, to continue the analogy).


One simple fact is that there ARE school principals out there who do not value libraries.  At the very least, we need a National standard so that principals who don’t understand the role of libraries are still required to provide one.  With library budgets currently at the discretion of principals, many students simply have little access to a library, and no TL to assist them.  Case study to be posted later this week. 


This point is one humble opinion. 

There is one State organisation for school libraries in this country who is doing a great disservice to our profession.  Anyone who pays an annual fee to this group should a) get their money back, or b) band together for a vote of no confidence and elect a group with some vision for the future.   Actually, could the members of the association who is proving to be quite ineffectual in ensuring the long term survival of TLs in their state please do us all a favour and step down immediately? That would be really helpful.

In order to retain some semblance of tact, I won’t name the state, although I can be bought.  POA.




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