We’re not making this stuff up

20 11 2007

It took us a while to  define exactly what it is we are trying to achieve with this venture. How much do we need to explain?  Do we actually need to convince anyone that reading is important, or can we assume this is a given? 

Just in case there is anyone who doesn’t get that reading is the foundation for learning, here is a timely story from the New York Times

“Harry Potter, James Patterson and Oprah Winfrey’s book club aside, Americans — particularly young Americans — appear to be reading less for fun, and as that happens, their reading test scores are declining. At the same time, performance in other academic disciplines like math and science is dipping for students whose access to books is limited….”

Does this surprise anyone? Seriously?

A quick tangent – one of the most exciting online events this year (well, for me anyway) occurred when The NY Times came to the end of it’s subscription trial and made all content free.  I assume you still need to register, but it is a momentary inconvenience that opens up a world of information that never makes it to the 6pm news. It should come with an addiction warning.

So if reading is so important, how do we create willing readers?  That discussion is next…..




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