26 11 2007

Did anyone notice what was just on the 6 o’clock news?  Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd launching his “education revolution” by asking all his MPs to visit two schools each in their electorate.  Click here for story.  Not only that, but he was standing in a Queensland SCHOOL LIBRARY for the announcement.  If anyone reading this gets an MP in their school this week, get them into your library!  I don’t care how you do it.  Just do it. They are there to push Labor’s computer package so make sure your message conveys these key points.

Information technology needs information literacy. 

Teacher Librarians are information literacy experts.

and for good measure, throw in,

Research consistently shows that libraries have an impact on student learning.

School libraries across Australia are in decline.

Give them this website.  Then write to us and tell all. 

Actually, if you have nothing better to do tonight, email your local  ALP member RIGHT NOW and invite him/her to your school.

We had the Shawshank Project pencilled in for 2008, but suddenly next week is looking good.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance that someone from the Scarborough school that was on the news this evening is reading this?




2 responses

27 11 2007
Karen McInnes

Well I am 1 happy librarian today – Mark Butler (Pt. Adelaide), our new labour minister, has already been to our school today, heard all about the library and ICT needs, and is giving our school “roll out ” right for the Computer policy for all students having 1. They really are doing it, with consultation. They have gone to work quickly, and now each labour minister has to visit every high shool in their electorate. Cheers twice.

27 11 2007

Don’t forget the interview with the Victorian Premier, when he was visiting the Children’s Hospital, asking patients what they wanted in the new hospital the government was building. One bright spark asked if there would be a library. After a “pregnant pause”, he said he guessed they would have to have one. We will have to keep an eye on this and see if he keeps to his word!

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