So what is ASLA doing this week?

26 11 2007

I sit here pondering what conversations are happening within our ASLA council. Are their brains ticking as madly as mine as we stand on the threshold of an education revolution?  Are they preparing to sieze the day?  How about the state associations? 

Blogging is easy. You just think of something and write it down.  Committees, on the other hand, are a slow process by necessity.  There’s a reason why it has taken our local kindergarten four years to get a new sandpit shelter.  So let’s give our associations some time to formulate their plans, say, a week? 

Seriously though, associations can’t really work that fast. They can, however, release a statement to media within the next few days.  I put out a call to ASLA, ASLA – NSW, ASLA – ACT, ASLA-TAS, ASLA – NT, SLAQ, SLASA, WASLA and SLAV to each produce a media release.  And get the statement up on your website ! (we’ll be checking!) ALIA, it would be great if you had something to say too. Computers and broadband in schools is featuring on just about every news report I have seen in the last 24 hours.  Now is the time to speak up. 

Not just associations either.  Every library advocate can do this.  Click here for ideas on how to contact the media.  Contact the association you are a member of and ask them to speak up. For years, teacher librarians have been advocating in isolation from each other, within their schools.  Now we have an opportunity to combine our efforts . We’ve had over 300 hits on this site in less than 24 hours.  You are not alone!

Remember,  if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.




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