Graphic survey results. Viewer discretion advised.

27 11 2007

My husband works in the field of information technology, and given the choice, he’ll use a computer any time over more manual methods.  While I reach for a phone book, he’ll head to the white pages online.  I look at a map while he uses googlemaps. He’ll search for a business website to find opening hours while I just call and see if they answer the phone.

It was no surprise,then, that the information from our informal and completely unscientific survey was too much for him to resist. As a data warehousing senior consultant solution architect (okay, I admit, I’m not really sure what he does) he just had to play with those numbers.  So while I, as a maths teacher, sit and work out means and medians with pen and paper, he made a really amazing graphic representation. It made no sense to me whatsoever, so he deleted the blue dots and tried again.  The orange boxes were better, so I am including it for your viewing pleasure.

As a quick explanation, each box represents a school. The size of the box indicates the student population.  Each state forms a cluster, and within each state, there is some division between government and non-government schools. The darker the colour, the higher the budget per student.  You’ll get it once you play with it.  You can move the cursor over each box to see individual school descriptions. 

When he first showed it to me, the screen was two metres away from where I was sitting.  Even at that distance, I picked SA straight away.  Click below to check it out.




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