Making a difference

29 11 2007

All campaigns start with some grand ideas that are often not realised.  So far I’m quite pleased with how The Hub is developing.  While it’s too early to know if we will ever have any impact on school libraries,  I send out Hub thanks to those of you who have contributed a few minutes or more to the cause.  We know people have not only sent a message to their MP, but they have also received prompt replies.  Today we had our first mention in the media.  It’s a baby step, to be sure, but hopefully we will mature quickly. We’re mostly female, so chances are good. Relax boys, it’s a joke.

Still, it makes me think.  What could we achieve if we had more time? What if we had a modest budget, funded by some membership fees paid by TLs who could depend on us to fight the good fight on their behalf?  What if we were a registered organisation, with an ABN and snazzy letterhead for  producing official looking correspondence? Imagine the high profile we could achieve with all that!

Hang on, isn’t there already someone who’s got all that……..?




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