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29 11 2007

The following has been sent in by Georgia.  Well done Georgia!  I hereby dub thee Hub Advocate of the Month for the month of November, a most prestigious and coveted award for outstanding promotion of school libraries in Australia.


I just sent the following email to our local ABC morning show host, after his interview with my friend, Jean Ferguson from Friends of the Wollongong City Library, about the day of action today re public library funding. A subsequent caller raised the net vs books argument….how libraries need to concentrate on books.

I responded as below, and Nick Rheinberger was kind enough to read my email out on air, including mention of our campaign:-)


From: Georgia Phillips

Date: 29 November 2007 9:56:39 AM

To: Nick Rheinberger <>

Subject: Net vs Libraries


Hi Nick,


You get what your pay for.  This goes for information as well as anything else.

Scholarly published books and journals contain referreed information, often checked by peers, and checked by editors.  This is worth paying for.

Net information can be “published” (ie uploaded) by anyone.  No critical assessment needed.

That’s why we need teacher librarians teaching children how to critically evaluate what is found on the net, esp, AND journal articles and books.

Who published it? What is their background, interest, authority, bias? Critical thinking and information literacy is the sphere of expertise of our teacher librarians.

Support funding for them AND for our public libraries.  Quality information is the basis for quality democracy!:-)


Georgia Phillips

co-founder Campaign for Quality School Libraries




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10 12 2007
A most prestigious and coveted award « The Hub

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