Letter to the editor of SMH

2 12 2007

Congratulations to Sharon McGuinness for her brilliant letter that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.  You can read a copy of the letter here.

It’s a pity that the SMH added the heading “librarians key to this plan”.  Perhaps they should get a few more emails pointing out that Sharon actually wrote of TEACHER librarians, which is not quite the same thing.

Send your letters to:

Fax: +61 (0)2 9282 3492
Snailmail: GPO Box 3771, Sydney 2001

All letters and email (no attachments) to the Herald must carry the sender’s home address and day and evening phone numbers for verification. Letter writers who would like receipt of their letters acknowledged should send a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Ideally, letters will be a maximum of 200 words.




3 responses

28 01 2008
Judith Ridge

I’ve only recently been made aware of The Hub via an email from Agnes N about her Age article, and am slowly navigating my way around the site and posts. I hope to comment further and to add my own thoughts about supporting teacher librarians and the campaign regarding reading and children/teenagers set in train by Agnes’s article, but I did want to jump in here and say that I wouldn’t waste too much energy worrying/complaining about headlines on letters pages etc. Column space in newspapers is both limited and narrow—the sub-editor had to make a choice here, and “teacher librarians” just obviously wouldn’t fit.

I understand the professional pride involved, but I would suggest that we choose our battles—the letters editor is far more likely to respond to considered letters on the critical issues of literacy and education than gripes about correct nomenclature.


Judith Ridge
Western Sydney Young People’s Literature Officer

29 01 2008

Thanks Judith, we look forward to your input on these issues.

We don’t really spend time on the nomenclature issue, but it is hard to promote one’s profession when we have a title that is little known and rarely used outside of our own circle. So many people are unaware that this specialist role even exists, so it’s important for us to take these opportunities to correct inaccurate statements and educate the wider community that there is such a thing as a TL. “TL” is even shorter than librarian, when space is an issue!

9 06 2008
A most prestigious and coveted award « The Hub

[…] is going to be tough.  Initially, Sharon McGuinness looked a likely winner, for her letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, but now she has some competition from author Libby Gleeson and Sarah […]

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