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16 01 2008

We’ve been getting some traffic via a mention on the State Library of Victoria’s youth literature blog, so I thought I would return the favour. Some interesting snippets are to be found there.

Speaking of traffic, it’s certainly been busy here.  We’ve had over 1,000 page views this week,  so it’s surprising that we are not even half way to our target of 100 letters to Julia Gillard by the end of the week.  Have you sent a letter yet? Here’s a recap.

1. Read this brilliant article.

2. Send an email to our federal education minister, Julia Gillard, making sure to include this link to the article. 


Include a short note about why this is important for you, your school, your students, your own children.

3. Send us a message to let us know you have completed step 2.

There, that’s not so hard, is it?




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