Shame, ACER, shame!

18 01 2008

Thanks to Judi for sending this in.  No wonder teacher librarians sometimes feel invisible!

It is interesting to note that the Staff in Australian Schools (SIAS) survey has very recently been released by ACER* (this week, I think). Now, I haven’t had time to read all 183 pages closely, but taking advantage of the find function, I see that a search for ‘teacher librarian’ or ‘librarian’ yields nothing and a search for ‘library’ yields a few results in a primary school context only. The report was commsioned by the former DEST ‘to provide a detailed picture of the Australian teacher and school leader workforces, and to gather information to assist in future planning’. Tellingly, the survey instrument (pp 125+) has the secondary TL as completely invisible (p. 127) but  primary is regarded as a ‘specialist teaching’ area (p.126). Shame, ACER, shame!

Want to see the report? Then click here.  Got something to say on the matter? Then click here, or the comment button below.

*ACER – Australian Council for Educational Research




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