Housekeeping, and some updates

22 01 2008

It’s quiet.  Too quiet…….

I’ve been working on a little Hub project here, thus the silence for the past few days.  Tomorrow looks like the day I’ll be able to report.  Until then, here are a few things I’ve been meaning to tidy up.


We had a small problem with our subscriptions, so changed the feed.  While updates should still work, it would be really helpful if anyone who subscribed in 2007 could unsubscribe and re-subscribe.  Thanks.

Updates on previous posts

All I want for Christmas – Did I get “The Uncommon Reader” for Christmas? I did.  I finished it that day.  I’m not a reviewer. I either love a book or don’t love a book, in which case I try to appreciate why other people might like it.   This is a book I loved.  I had to reflect on the conclusion for a while before I decided I did like how it finished up.  This also happened to me when I read Mitch Albom’s “For one more day”. It took me quite a while to calm down and admit it really was quite clever.

Australian School Libraries Research Project – 8 days left until this survey closes.  Speaking of extensions, the call for papers for the IASL conference in August has been extended until the end of the month, in case you were thinking you had missed the deadline.

Sentimental journey – I have received notice of my twenty year high school reunion in October.  I look forward to checking out the library and report on how much it has changed in the past two decades.  She couldn’t STILL be there, could she?

New Years Resolution – We did go to see the bugs and spiders at the museum and were there for hours.  As expected, great resources were found in the museum shop, including a “how to draw bugs” book that has been a big hit.  On the way home, a very happy girl told me, “I want to find out everything about frogs”.  Sigh. Only 7 more sleeps until school starts, then it is time for MY holiday.

And so say all of us! – This article generated more hits than anything else we’ve done, and it is still visited each day.  We didn’t reach our target of 100 letters by the end of last week, but we encourage you to still do it, and tell us about it. We don’t have a deadline.

A TL by any other name – Thanks to all who have suggested alternative names for a teacher librarian. We’ve had some duplication, so a few more would be useful. 

Off I go to the beach for the day.  No doubt we’ll be looking for crawly things in the sand.




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