A Timely Letter

16 09 2008

Sometimes the response from a politician is more than just a form letter!  Barbara Braxton’s letter to her ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Education has been referred to the review panel which is right now looking at the employment of teacher librarians.

As the ACT Minister for Education stated,

While I certainly share your view that qualified teacher librarians contribute considerably to the delivery of high quality teaching and learning opportunities for students, the continued shortage of suitably qualified staff is an impediment in recent times has made this difficult to achieve across all ACT public schools. 

The Department of Education and Training is currently conducting a review of employment arrangements for teacher librarians which is due to be completed later [this] year. I have asked that a copy of your letter be provided to the review panel and that the key issues of recruitment and training be addressed as part of the review.

Thank you for raising this issue with me.

The complete letter and its response can be found here.

You never know what taking that few minutes to write a letter might result in.  If each of us wrote such a letter, to federal and state members, what new thinking, and changes, might be initiated!




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