Good news from the Apple Isle

25 03 2009

It’s wonderful to see that the Tasmanian branch of the AEU has a current school libraries campaign.  Their letter for principals can be read here, and they argue their case succinctly. We couldn’t put it better than their 8 points of why schools should make their library the vibrant hub of the school.

Also from Tassie (via Canberra) we hear the voice of Senator Christine Milne,  education spokesperson for the Greens, speaking of the recent stimulus package for education,

“Now is not a time to be underinvesting in the human capital. Whilst it is very important for us to be putting in new infrastructure in schools, that is only part of the answer. There is no point in having a new school library if you do not have a trained teacher librarian to maximise the educational opportunities for the students in the school.”

I wish I could fit that on a t-shirt.

Moving slightly north, another advocate that has appeared recently is the Australian Children’s Literature Alliance.  With Libby Gleeson and Bronwen Bennett, both champions of school libraries, on board,  we look forward to seeing what they’ll get up to, but it’s exciting to read that Australia will soon be getting a national children’s laureate.  You can read a little bit about it here.  Based out of the State Library of Victoria, it ties in with the Victorian Government’s Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas.   If only Mr Brumby could open up all the “centres for books, writing and ideas” that are closed in his schools, to ensure every Victorian child has regular access to a library in their school.




2 responses

30 03 2009
Audrey Nay

Is there a plan to forward this to various other state teachers unions?
I would love to make sure our NSW teachers federation get a chance to view it and hopefully put forward a similar letter. We may not be able to change a lot straight away but getting our principals well aware of the situation would be a great start.

31 07 2009

If you could make sure that NSWTF gets a copy, Audrey, it would be great. We must all pitch in and keep the info coming. Cheers, GP

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