BC children don’t want to lose their teacher librarians

29 08 2009

I’d love to hear what our children might say in the 35% of government school libraries where students don’t have a teacher librarian?  (In Tasmania the number is close to 50% of all schools, Victoria 35%, WA 40% and the NT almost 95%! See Barbara Combes’ report on the Australian School Library Research Project.) Have these children ever had a teacher librarian? If they had they might be writing stories such as those of British Columbia students who don’t want to lose their teacher librarians.  Go to http://www.bccsl.ca/letters.htm to read some of their letters and stories which were used in April as part of packages sent to education department decision-makers as part of an ongoing campaign to fight school library funding and staffing cuts.

“…the BC Coalition for School Libraries joined with the Children’s Writers and Illustrators of British Columbia (CWILL) for the press release, ‘Children and Children’s Authors Rally Behind School Librarians’.”  Children were asked to respond to the possible loss of their teacher librarians. “Some of the letters and stories were faxed to all schools in B.C., to the attention of the principal”!

What might our children say if anyone cared to ask?

(BC teacher librarians also have their say!  See the videoclip at http://schoollibraryprogram.pbworks.com/Video-Project)



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