The Hub at ASLA XXI

29 09 2009

Well, in 24 hours I will know if it was standing room only, or if the room echoed with the sounds of me rustling my notes.  Yes, The Hub is appearing in person tomorrow at the ASLA XXI Biennial Conference.  We were a last minute entry,   due to the late cancellation of some other presenter. Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you are okay, and thanks so much for the spot.  It also means that fellow hubber Georgia had made other plans, so it’s just a solo presentation.

So if you would like to hear more of what we’re on about, get some inspiration for singing the praises of TLs,  have any questions you would like to ask in person,  or even if you’re itching to put me in my place for a previous blog post that didn’t sit well with you, come along.   We’re all about TLs speaking up, so bring your interactive self and add your voice to the discussion.

Getting the word out, G Phillips and L Paatsch

ASLA XXI Biennial Conference, Thursday Oct 1,  11am (concurrent session D)





One response

30 09 2009
Garry Pike

As Principal of my school and as an English teacher I would like to add my support for the work teacher librarians do! Our teacher Librarian was at Leighland since I started here in 1993 and her knowledge about supporting teachers and students has been a major factor in the educational services we have been able to provide to both students and staff. I appreciate what she does to go the extra mile to provide a wonderful library that in usually full of activity from 11/12 students in one area and a Primary class in another area. To me a library is the central place in the school. Our TL Mrs Bev Clarke is on LSL overseas so I thought I would take the opportunity to broadcast what a great job she does and how important her role is!

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