Our first 1000 signatures!

4 11 2009

Wow! Over 1000 signatures in two weeks, since our launch on 20 October. This is something surely every Australian parent and bookseller and author and teacher and teacher educator and teacher librarian should support. So don’t just sign, but pass on the petition to your Australian friends, relations and colleagues who will support a qualified teacher librarian in every school.

For parents: Research has shown that qualified TLs increase literacy and student achievement. It is important that parents take an interest in this important area of the school at a time when funding and staffing has been reduced for so many school libraries in Australia.

For teachers: Research has shown that qualified TLs increase literacy and student achievement. They provide resources to classroom teachers, helping them keep the curriculum up to date with new information and new technological tools. Teacher-librarians take extra university courses beyond that needed for their teaching certificate to gain the qualifications and skills to help students and teachers. (see What a TL can do for you🙂

Join our campaign now.  Comments add value on the petition. Write to you local federal and state member and sign our petition too.

Qualified TLs support authentic, constructivist quality teaching and learning. Qualified TLs are trained to be leaders in collaborative, whole school literacy and information skills programs. Qualified TLs keep up with the latest in publishing for young people, in IT and learning, and in curriculum developments.

Our students deserve no less than a qualified TL in every school library.




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