You have 18 Days to Lobby for Teacher Librarians

19 07 2010

Seize this election  opportunity. While we await its outcome and that of the Inquiry report, NOW is the time to contact candidates and ask them to support school libraries and teacher librarians. It is also an opportunity to educate them. You can find your electorate here and find your candidates here. Many candidates already in office are only responding to their own constitutents, so be sure to put your name and address.

Toward that end, here is a brief sample letter and  here is a longer sample letter you can adapt for your local federal candidates. And you can adapt these letters if your candidate is one of the hardworking House Education committee members who should be congratulated on their efforts. Phoning or visiting your candidates is even better.

If you get a response, The Hub would be very interested in seeing it. Email to .

See also the template letters on the ALIA election site. Using your state or territory’s hearing transcript for relevant quotations is a great idea of Karen Bonanno’s.

Whatever you do, do let your candidates know that school libraries make a difference to student learning and literacy and it is time to arrest their national decline!




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19 07 2010
Election 2010 – Campaign for Libraries « READINGPOWER

[…] sample letter template here specific to the recommendations they hope to see come out of the Inquiry from Georgia Phillips. […]

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