Simon Crean praises Cairns Teacher Librarian

29 07 2010
Simon Crean, the Federal Minister for Education, attended the official opening of the Cairns West RAYMOND WOODHOUSE LIBRARY: Information and Literacy Centre today. He  spoke about the 22 years of dedicated service that teacher librarian Raymond Woodhouse has provided to staff and students at Cairns West and how his passion for improving learning outcomes for all has underscored not only their new BER library, but his many years of service.
Raymond Woodhouse
Raymond was afforded the opportunity to meet with the Minister at which point he stressed (read EMPHASISED, STATED EMPHATICALLY!!) the ongoing and ever-important need for Teacher-Librarians to remain at the forefront of educational and curriculum leadership in schools.  Thanks loads Raymond!!

Two staff members delivered a heartfelt tribute on the many ways that Raymond has assisted the whole school community over the years – Raymond, know that you are much loved by your staff and students!  Raymond, on behalf of us all in the wide TL network, we wish you sincere congratulations on this wonderful achievement … go you good T.L.!!  A wonderful reward for the hours of planning and overseeing that have become synonymous with BER projects but which result in an outstanding finished product fortunately staffed by an outstanding teacher librarian!

Report from Annette Ryan, Teacher-Librarian, Whitfield State School. Edited slightly by G. Phillips




2 responses

29 07 2010
Margaret Spillman

What a wonderful article about Raymond Woodhouse.
Thanks for sharing that with us.
It’s quite affirming in the midst of all the gloom.

What an incredible honour to have that library named for him.
Clearly he’s a legend in that school community.
Margaret Spillman

28 08 2010
Elizabeth Buzzell

Wonderful news about the Raymond Woodhouse Library and Resource Centre at Cairns West State School. Raymond is a fabulous teacher-librarian and he made many of my years at Cairns West enjoyable.

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