Write a Letter to Your Editor Today

8 08 2010

A Template Letter to Your Local Newspaper:

Australia has lost over one third of its qualified teacher librarians under the policy of empowering local schools. Once a world leader in school libraries, we are about to lose our standing and our profession. How will Julia stop the decline and still extend the Empowering Local Schools policy she announced last week? The answers can be found in an inquiry she requested as Education Minister.

The report from the four-month long House Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians, interrupted by the election, awaits completion. After 382 submissions and twelve hearings in all states and territories, the cross party House Committee on Education and Training chaired by Sharon Bird, MP, has come to grips with the complex issue of declining numbers of qualified teacher librarians in our state schools.

The loss of tertiary training programs, inadequate staffing budgets, lack of national standards, ignorance of international research linking well-staffed and well-supported school libraries with student literacy and learning and the loss of state school advisory services and their corporate knowledge are just some of the causes which state and federal governments must address. Ask what your candidates will do to facilitate this report. Every Australian student deserves a quality school library with a qualified teacher librarian.

(Include your name, address and contact phone number.)

My letter published in Illawarra Mercury 11 Aug 2010.




4 responses

8 08 2010
Jessica Jorna (The Crafty Librarian)

I have just submitted this letter template to the St George and Sutherland Leader.

8 08 2010

You Crafty Librarian you!! Well done, Jessica. Let us know if it gets published.

8 08 2010
Joanna Durst

I also submitted a copy of the letter to my local paper, the Whittlesea Leader. I had to edit it for their length requirements but a version went in!

8 08 2010

Please feel free to edit or adapt! Thanks Joanna. Do keep us posted.

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