Consider two great efforts on the part of this Victorian TL

12 08 2010

Publish testimonials from your school community

“I was quite overwhelmed by the supportive messages we received from our school community!”

“I am very fortunate (as well as rare!) because I am a fulltime TL in a Victorian Catholic primary school. My school values the school library and the role of TL. I asked my school community to write comments of support for school libraries and TLs on our LRC Blog for the Inquiry. I included a link to these in my submission.”

Take a look!

Grab those pollies and get in their ears!

Today, Kim wrote on her recent efforts!

“On Wednesday our school had an impromtu visit from our local member, Jenny Macklin (the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs). I had copies of The Age article up around the school so I copied one and highlighted relevant bits and gave it to her! (she hadn’t read it yet!). I managed a five minute chat about the problems TLs are facing and the need for the Government to follow through with the findings of the Inquiry and that if Julia wants to see her BER dream come to fruition she needs to ensure all schools have a trained TL! I hope she remembers some of what I said!!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful advocacy and hard work that you and all at The Hub are doing in support of Teacher-Librarians!”

GP: Its really thanks to all of YOU who are taking such bold action!  Inspirational!




One response

12 08 2010
Trish Stewart

Well done Kim for flying the flag to support children and teachers with their Literature and information processing. We are most fortunate to have such a dedicated TL at our school. Kim empowers and inspires us to keep learning and to find time to enjoy reading literature. Kim is number one resource on our teachers’ and students’, personal learning network.
May all schools see their way clear to have a trained TL.
From a lucky colleague

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