Things we can do

24 08 2010

We look forward to the Inquiry Report, but we don’t have to wait for it to take our own positive steps right now.  Here are some ideas for you and/or your TL group to initiate yourselves:

1. Talk to your local principal groups.  At their meetings and conferences, speak to them about the research, about what TLs can do to improve literacy and NAPLAN test results, to improve use of technology by students and staff.  Tell them why TLs are vital to student learning.

2. Mentor pre-service teachers.  Ask education faculties if you can speak to teachers in training about how TLs can support their teaching, about collaboratively teaching information literacy, about how student learning improves when TLs and teachers work together.

3. Write letters of support to WA DET and NSW DET about the last two state government school library support services and how we need them.  Comments on the proposed restructuring of the NSW School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit need to go to Des Gorman, Acting Deputy Director-General [],  by Monday next week, the 30th. In addition, please provide the NSW Teachers Federation with a copy of your detailed submission about the value of central school libraries support, so they understand what will be lost and can argue for us. Send to, Attention: David Ferguson.

4. Make sure you get into your local papers, especially if you are responsible for the Premier’s Reading Challenge or Book Week activities.  Let them see it is a TEACHER librarian behind the activity.

5. …………. Add your ideas below




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