Teacher librarians are…vital…, especially in schools where home literacy practices don’t…support school literacy practices.

1 11 2010

Bendigo Advertiser 1 November 2010  excerpt from  “Storytime in Eaglehawk” by Lauren Mitchell:

Fellow lecturer and Bendigo Regional director of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Sarah Mayor Cox says if parents read one story per day to their child, by the time the child starts Prep, they will have heard more than 1800 stories.

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how much more familiar those children will be with a really important and fun part of the school day,” she says.

“They will be able to sit and listen for longer, and will be able to discuss more confidently the story they have just heard.

“Who wouldn’t want to give their children a head start like that?”

Sarah says local schools are working very hard to make sure they are offering the best literature programs possible, however governments needed to do more.

“I think the biggest contribution the community can make is to urge politicians to put education at the centre of all their policies and to fund education better,” she says.

“The federal government is currently conducting an inquiry into the state of libraries in schools.

“Twenty years ago, most schools had a qualified teacher librarian. Their role was to connect students with books and resources, needed for pleasure reading and for educational purposes.

“This isn’t the case anymore, and I don’t think many of the community realise this.

“Teacher librarians are of vital need, especially in schools where home literacy practices don’t value or support school literacy practices.




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