Victorians: Make them keep their promises!

30 11 2010

Victorian colleagues,
The Victorian former Shadow Minister of Education before the election had invited Victorian TL and other organizations to talk if they won. They have!
One idea which now might be discussed is amending the 2006 Education Act to legislate for qualified teacher librarians in all public schools libraries, with adequate support staff.
What do you think?


Here’s Martin Dixon’s letter:
Dear Georgia,
I am writing on behalf of the Liberal/Nation Coalition in response to your email regarding teacher librarians.
As a former primary principal and being married to a teacher librarian I can attest to the importance of the role.
Due to the parlous state of Victoria’s finances in which funding would not be available for the millions of dollars a year this would cost and also, due to the fact that our policy is written and costed, we will be unable to announce any new policy in this area before the election.
If however, we are elected, I would be very happy to sit down with your association to discuss this issue and how best to use the skills of our teacher librarians and enhance children’s literacy and research skills in Victoria’s Government schools.
Best wishes.
Yours sincerely
State Member for Nepean
Shadow Minister for Education




One response

18 12 2010
E. S.

I have retired recently from the service in the Government Secondary School.
I have been working as a qualified Teacher-Librarian since 1970’s.
My replacement has no library qualifications, but has been given unlimited power to do as she and the Administration deem is in the best interest of the school.
Many issues arise from this set-up. Time to legislate as it is imperative for the staff to be fully qualified, and not employed on the basis of “knowing someone”.

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