2011-The year of the school library

3 02 2011

With all the disasters affecting Australia at the moment, school libraries could easily be put on the back burner. Yet, parents and teachers and library supporters are among those pitching in to see that they are not. The School Library Association of Queensland is providing information about flood and cyclone affected schools and school libraries. You can even “adopt-a-library” to get those in need up and running again.

The Australian School Library Association offers links to disaster recovery resources.

And our own efforts which saw the Federal Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians proceed last year will continue. Peter Garrett, Minister of Education, has agreed to resumption of the Inquiry following the interruption of the federal election, to ensure that the new House Standing Committee on Education and Training will produce a report.

Hubbers urge you all, and especially parents and voters, to ensure this report is tabled in parliament and acted upon. Prime Minister Gillard still sees education as a priority. In the face of national and global climate change disasters, this becomes even more vital.

Parents may like to read our article at YourKidsEd.com.au for further information and advice on ensuring our children have quality school libraries.




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