A dragon in every library:-)

23 05 2011

A variety of dragon costumes are currently available for purchase on eBay.

Take your pick.

Personally I like the Ninja dragon warrior librarian look.Item image

And I could see sales skyrocketing for the wise Welsh dragon hat

Item imageItem image

along with the strong dragon tattoo sleeves!

Also the adult passion dragon Eastern dress would

Item imagesurely break the stereotype,

but I reckon the Goth Chinese Sacred Beast Dragon Kimono is the one for me!!

Item image

How about every one in dragon costume for National Library and Information Week and Simultaneous Story Time.  REAL, powerful, magic, mysterious dragons in every library. Sure beats “We find stuff!”




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23 05 2011

Georgia, I think you have hit on a perfect way to raise the profile both within schools and the wider community. Maybe schools could do dragon themed book displays as well.
If enough TLs around the country were willing to don costumes, the media would certainly do a follow up story.

23 05 2011

Absolutely. Now how does everyone get a dragon costume asap?
Wonder if those hats can be handmade? Or if we have some clever seamstress-librarians?

23 05 2011

Maybe even just dragon gloves would work …. Not the ones made out of real dragons obviously, lol. But I wonder if you could glue lumps and bumps onto a pair of green washing up gloves? or maybe just do some creative paintwork …

23 05 2011

Great idea, but with a hat, too? Something which will look good for newspaper photos and TV news bytes:-)

23 05 2011

This afternoon, I returned to the library briefly after a staff meeting – and there was an urgent email telling me that ABC 702 radio commentator, Richard Glover, was seeking listeners to phone in and explain why they broke a stereotype. This segment was in response to today’s SMH and Age newspaper articles about angry dragon-lady librarians in horn-rimmed glasses, cardigans, pearls and hair-in-buns. The suggestion was that I ring in myself, to explain that I broke that stereotype. I was sure I’d missed my chance, due to the meeting, but I did ring in and was put to air a few minutes later.

The call ended rather abruptly – no goodbye and thanks – so they must have only been after very brief sound bytes, like the ones I heard them playing while I was awaiting my turn. I wasn’t sure if they were wanted me for something meatier. I only hope I made some sense; it was all so fast. 15 seconds of fame, if that.

The new era of “sound byte” reporting, solidly with us these past few years, is certainly one of our biggest hurdles in getting a complex message (such as the points raised by the recent Parliamentary Enquiry) across – in any media.

Thanks Georgia P. here at The Hub for the tip-off!

23 05 2011
Linda Gibson-Langford

In answer to Barbara’s important question on OZTL-Net 24 May re Ian McLean’s Scan article, a first step is to read Access and on a page nearer the back is an advocacy article by Georgia Phillips.. she definitely shows the way.

Have the article reproduced with permission for the Education section of Herald [realise clearances at DETNSW level may have to be made].

Make reference in intro to the value of teachers studying a post graduate degree to be able to lead/ enhance 21C learning through taking on a role as a teacher librarian…. an active learning and teaching role integrating digital and traditional learning strategies in a 21C social media environment…

and begin a publishing round of other articles that can be edited for Herald demonstrating change in school libraries and change in focus to a vibrant learning and teaching space, often led by double degree teachers. A start?

23 05 2011

Love it!!
Di O’Donnell
TL Proserpine SS Qld

23 05 2011

Congratulations to the Hub for getting this inquiry happening, and to everyone involved. The recommendations propose a hefty to do list for the Commonwealth government –

1. fund a core set of online databases
2. national policy statement – digital & info lit
3. specialist teachers on MySchool website
4. additional iniatives to promote reading
5. study of links btwn library programs, literacy and achievement
6. support ASLA & ALIA to demonstrate TLs’ e-learning & leadership
7. national curriculum to include training for TLs
8. commission a workforce gap analysis of TLs
9. national dialogue on role of TL, including training
10. discuss ways to enhance partnerships with state and local govt to support school libraries and TLs
11. partner with ALIA and ASLA to showcases suffessful partnerships with other libraries

Great to see the recognition and support, along with some red alerts, and lots of work to be done. Bon chance!

23 05 2011

I’m thrilled to see that, amongst the seriousness of this issue, a sense of fun prevails. Surely the whole inquiry should have had a more positive effect? The responses of TLs on OZTL today made me feel proud to be part of a group of professionals who are about advocacy, at the same time as continuing to do our jobs, working with students, over and above the call of duty.
Personally, I’m all for the dragon costumes! Bring them on.

24 05 2011

Please send us the newspaper photo of you in dragon costume asap!!
Local TV, I’m sure will be interested. We want a dragon in every library, one that is certified to utilize its true teaching power and to discover and share its pearls of wisdom!

24 05 2011

First Dragon in the Library can be viewed at

Library dragon in Singapore!
Library Dragon

25 05 2011

A poetical contribution from Hubber David Strempel 🙂


Young Gerald George was old enough to go to school at last,
Despite his mother’s mournful tears he found himself in class.
His teacher was a caring sort who helped him work and learn,
But still he knew that there was more; it left him quite concerned.
He coloured in and matched the shapes and did as he was told,
He worked and shared and did his best and sang of Green and Gold.
Yet through all that he knew inside there must be more to learning,
Young Gerald George, at early age, was really quite discerning.

The weeks went by and George learnt more of all he had to know,
‘Bout how to count from 1 to 10 and how to tie a bow.
He learnt to kick a ball at last – that made his father proud,
And how say his tables right and how to spell out loud.
Still Gerald George was not at ease, he knew there must be more
Than adding up and ruling off and lining at the door.
Then one day he found himself lining up to enter
Another world he’d been denied. He’d found the Resource Centre.

He’d played X-Box, Nintendo, on Gameboy and on Wii,
He’d played the games on Gamecube, and Sony PS3.
He’d been a cute young Sackboy who’d conquered many places,
He’d raced with Super Mario and cleaned up all the aces.
Gerald George had fought and won, he’d shown the world his brilliance,
He’d found out at an early age what his teacher called resilience.
And he had found the secret paths in games on his Playstation.
He’d helped his friends, he learnt something the school called collaboration.

Yes Gerald George knew many things, he knew about Obama,
But going through those 3M gates, he knew he’d found Nirvana.
From wall to wall and back again, wherever he would look
He saw desktops with their monitors, he saw laptops, he saw books.
George could not believe his eyes, he’d found the dragon’s treasure
Yet he couldn’t see that dragon beast, he’d have to get its measure.
And then our George, he found himself upon the story mat,
Still wondering where the dragon lurked and if it had a bat

His eyes grew wide, his nostrils flared; he knew the beast was near,
Perhaps it hid behind the stacks; it filled the boy with fear.
The Library Teacher sat right down, a story book in hand
And read a tale of War and Peas set in another land.
George enjoyed the little book, with t’other boys and girls
And then it hit him suddenly. She was wearing pearls
His heart jumped up into his throat, it filled him with distress,
He knew that in some libraries, that’s how those dragons dress.

As time went by, Gerald George was wary as could be,
“What if she grows a tail and claws and tries to gobble me?”
Yet this so-called monster showed to George amazing tricks:
Define Locate and Synthesise, a thing called the Big Six.
He knew that he had found at last what he was searching for:
A key to use the info gained and open up the door,
To learn to learn and research and get himself top scores.
And in that time, young Gerald George had only one complaint,
He thought the Library Teacher should have been made a saint.

So when you read the headlines and stories in the press,
Don’t always think they’re accurate or gospel truth unless
You have learnt from Gerald George, applied the Big Six test
And organised and synthesised and ticked off all the rest.
‘Cos hiding in the Library, they’re plainly on display,
Are pearls of wisdom there for you each and every day.
Remember how young Gerald George and all the boys and girls
Found inspiration in their Library from a ‘dragon’ wearing pearls.

26 05 2011

Good Grief,

Does anyone seriously believe David has sat at his work station spending the obvious hours it took to write this hilarious poem??? Are people really that petty/willing to suck the pleasure out of something so creative and well intentioned?

I thought it was fabulous on so many levels! I laughed in delight and loved the subversion of the pearl wearing dragon librarian. ‘Pearls of wisdom’ – so clever.

I think the poem is a testament to the ingenuity, creativity and dedication of the profession.

Thank you David. I’ve printed it out and it’s sitting on my office wall.

Kim Best
Library Assistant (Yes, I know)
Carlton North PS

26 05 2011

Wow! Well said! Thanks for sharing in such an amusing way. Your school must be very lucky to have such a talented teacher librarian.

Petra Pollum
Teacher Librarian

Thank you David – That’s wonderful.


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