Adelaide students express dismay at end of OZProjects and Edna

28 06 2011

Students at St Aloysius College are shocked and disappointed that OzProjects is closing. Here is a snapshot of their comments.


Before you dismiss the wonderful learning resource that is the Oz Projects moodle we would like to inform that we will be very disadvantaged without it.

The moodle is fantastic for student- teacher and peer to peer communication. If we miss a lesson it is stress-free to find the work that’s expected of us. It’s easy to find all sorts of information that the teacher suggests to us and that other students find and share in a forum or discussion. All work is easy to collate into a forum or submission to the teacher. Also by submitting our work online we save on paper saving our trees.

The Oz Projects is a great way to learn and is a big part in our learning process .we will be very deprived without it.

Please consider our plea to SAVE OUR MOODLE! 


This letter is regarding the soon to be demolished, OzProjects website ( As a student who uses this site, I believe that demolishing OzProjects would cause damaging effects to the year 8 curriculum.

Firstly, Computing is the future for education; OzProjects is an influential part of the process to the future of education for Australian students. By demolishing this site, you would be depriving students of the opportunity to use online facilities.

In addition, this site is helpful to communicate with other students. I know for a fact that OzProjects has given students across Australia the foundation to actively discuss school related topics. Ozprojects has encouraged students at my school to communicate with each other using online forums. This site is very useful for this reason.

Thirdly, OzProjects allows students to submit assignments to their teachers. It is extremely important to give students this option. This means that students don’t have to print out their assignments thus saving the environment.

Fourthly, OzProjects is an important tool for teachers to engage students in their work. Using online forums is helpful for teachers as students are more likely to participate in interactive internet sites than take notes in books. OzProjects stimulates students in an exciting day.

Furthermore, If OzProjects is to be deleted, schools from across Australia will have to set up a new site which would possibly be a setback. Is it necessary to demolish an important website used by many people?

In conclusion, OzProjects is a very useful site for many schools, students and teachers. Demolishing this site will cause negative effects. I hope that OzProjects will still be running for years to come.

The reason why I am writing to you is because I have realised that the OzProjects website is to be decommissioned by 31 December 2011. I believe that getting rid of this fantastic educational website will be a great loss to our year 8 curriculum and will affect the education of my class.


Firstly, I strongly believe in cyber education and taking such a wonderful website off the internet will surely take Australia backwards in the task of creating a better cyber network in relation to schools. It is also very helpful in the way that myself and fellow class mates can communicate with each other and the teacher in a fast and easy way.


OzProjects has been getting school children all over Australia interested in school work which is an outstanding achievement- why stop now when you can continue to make students enjoy school more?


The OzProjects website has so many benefits to educational learning and personally, I love being able to post in forums and talk to my teacher if I am having trouble in a task.


Please take my letter into consideration as I believe OzProjects is an idealistic approach to the future of learning and to overthrow this website is not a wise choice.



The Moodle is such a brilliant tool for students such as myself, to use as a regular basis to organise our work. We have recently been informed at Saint Aloysius College that the Moodle will soon be ended and unable to be used. I believe that this action should not be taken as my SOSE class and I have been using our Moodle all year and have found it extremely useful for many things.

Firstly, the Moodle is very useful for organising all of our classwork and assignments so that they are easy to access and are all in one place. When you have alot of worksheets, that are very easy to lose, but the Moodle makes that easier.

Secondly, when you are away, it is easy to catch up on what you have missed in class , as it is all on the Moodle. It is also very easy to access at home, so when you are away for a long time or have homework due, you just have to hop onto the Moodle. Also, because the Moodle is accessable at home, parents can see what their children have been working on at school and can write comments on their work.

Thirdly, during the term, we are able to monitor our progress and see how we are going in SOSE.

Fourthly, some girls do not have access to a computer at home, so they are not very technical when it comes to using a computer, but the Moodle is very easy to use and all of my class can confidently use the Moodle. We also find the links that you can put onto the Moodle very exciting and useful.

Lastly, when we have to hand up an assignment, instead of printing it and wasting paper the Moodle actually is saving the environment, as we are able to hand in our assignments via the Moodle.

For these reasons, I believe that it would be a great dissapointment, to my class and myself, and other schools and people using the Moodle, if you were to shut it down.



The SOSE Moodle plays a big part in our SOSE lessons as we use it 50% of the time. The Moodle provides us with websites that give useful and educational information. It allows us to communicate with our teacher and she can make sure we are on track when doing assignments, as we create diary entries on the Moodle. The Moodle is completely safe as only student and teachers can access it and no personal information is required to have an account. I think the Moodle should not be shut down as it is taking education to the next level and I think students will enjoy SOSE lessons even more, as I did.

GP: For these students, ask your local federal member and Peter Garrett for a moratorium on Edna decommissioning today!!




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28 06 2011
Elli Klajn

Will Global Projects still be available? Is it a good alternative?

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