Hubbers address literacy educators on libraries and literacy

7 07 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday 9th July, three members of our Hub campaign will talk to literacy educators at their national ALEA conference in Melbourne.  We are taking the message of the plentiful research linking school libraries and literacy and starting the national dialogue recommended by the Teacher Librarian Inquiry.

While all teachers support literacy teaching, it is teacher librarians who recognize the value of free voluntary reading in developing literacy and writing skills and grammar and spelling and vocabulary in children and young people.  Teacher librarians find the right book, whether a p-book or e-book or graphic novel or picture book, that will help overcome reading reluctance.  They, along with public libraries, provide equitable and fiscally responsible access to reading materials for our nation’s children, especially those who may not have books at home.

We will launch our new website for literacy educators, teachers, principals and teacher librarian mentors with practical ideas on connecting with teacher librarians and improving school library services. So stay tuned!

We hope to see some of you there!




2 responses

8 07 2011
Anne Morgan

Keep up the great work. The message needs to get out there to those who make the decisions.

14 07 2011

Yes, more of us need to speak at conferences, especially those of principals and teacher educators. Our session was pretty small, but we made many good contacts and we are writing an article for their journal. TLs, too, have much to learn about teaching literacy so we speak the same language as literacy teachers.

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