ACARA and the ACT

9 08 2011

Two responses to recent posts.

First, FRANCES STEWART, of the Canberra Times, has taken Mr. Barr to task over lack of TL staffing in new BER libraries in the ACT. 07 Aug, 2011

“ONE IN three ACT Government primary schools do [sic] not have a librarian, despite many receiving new or upgraded libraries under the Building the Education Revolution scheme, the ACT Government admits….Read more.

Secondly, an idea for ACARA to incorporate Information Literacy into the General Capabilities at this stage comes from University of Canberra academic, Dr. Karen Macpherson:

There is a place where information literacy can be included in the general capabilities, without creating an eighth category:  “critical and creative thinking”.  The sixth bullet point under the “Description” for this capability is:

· generate and develop ideas and possibilities

Another two bullet points should be added after this one:

* “develop information literacy: the ability to locate, analyse and articulate the significance of data, information or knowledge
* “structure research to uncover relevant evidence, including but not limited to the use of ICT”

Before students can become competent with ICT, they need to be able to understand what they are using it for, and why – and this is information literacy.

Finally, “critical and creative thinking” should precede “ICT competence” in the list of seven general capabilities.  The ability to think is more important than the ability merely to use ICT. Arguably, using ICT effectively is not possible without a well developed ability to think critically and creatively. “

Thank you to the 55 voters for IL to be included in the National Curriculum General Capabilities.  You can let ACARA know you support Dr. MacPherson’s suggestion by emailing




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