Campaign Update

23 10 2011

On 13 October the Hub did a mass mailout to all 3000+ signers of our petition A Qualified Teacher Librarian in Every School. Thanks to all of you parents and authors and TLs and teachers who have contacted local federal MPs to urge a government response to the Report into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians in 21st Century Australia.  And thank you, especially, to those who are keeping us notified of your progress through  We particularly hope to hear back from the TLs in the electorates of Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor! 🙂  And to those who have MPs who are still spouting the old cliche that this is a state issue, tell them to get with the fact there was a FEDERAL inquiry, a FEDERAL response with 11 recommendations for the FEDERAL government to act upon!!  Or it’s time their ignorance was rewarded by being turned out of office!

If you haven’t contacted your local federal MP yet, please do so asap.  Use or adapt the sample letter given or better yet, talk to them on the phone, like one ACT TL whose local member was astounded and wanted more facts on staffing of school libraries in the ACT!

Secondly, the Hub intends to resend our petition to Julia Gillard.  The original was sent two years ago on 16 November with 1600 signatures.  It would be great to have twice that to send by 1st November.  The final House sitting is 24 November, so call out all teacher librarian and school library supporters who have not yet signed to sign our petition now.

We don’t stop until there is the action our students need for improved literacy and learning!




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