Tip of the iceberg hits the press in WA

15 11 2011

West Australian

Well done WASLA for this start to a much needed media campaign!  Parents and voters need to know.




3 responses

16 11 2011
Sarah Mayor Cox (@BespokeShespoke)

Yes well done WASLA. What a ridiculous decision to make and such false economy in the short and long run.

16 11 2011
Erica Jolly

This reply comes from SA where there is real concern for the loss of teacher librarians among those of us who know the value of the knowledgeable teacher librarian, able to work across the curriculum, to identify quality material for the range in level of literacy and numeracy among students – not all are the same – and to meet their interests as well as needs. Teacher librarians work across the curriculum horizontally and across the age range, gender and intellectual level of students. SA is suffering because it failed to recognise the value of this cross-disciplinary role, tying material – books and other material – to specific subjects rather than across them. Living engages people across subjects. The Teacher Librarian is in a position to foster lateral thinking as well as the linear thinking so often required by subject syllabuses. The informal learning offered may keep students interested. The atmosphere will be important. Basing staffing soiely on expected enrolments makes the assumption that numbers only count. Students are not just numbers. Schools need more that subject teachers to meet the expected numbers.
Erica Jolly
Education/health liaison -GW-SA

16 11 2011

Well spoken, yet again, Erica. Without central school library services, principals are able to make their own, too often, uninformed decisions regarding staffing and even if a library/learning commons/resource centre should exist. The professionalism of TLs as teachers, as curriculum designers, as collection managers and educational leaders too often remains unacknowledged.

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