Government responds to recommendations

24 11 2011

The federal government’s response to the recommendations of the Report on the Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians is now available.  Download it here.




2 responses

24 11 2011

It looks like a few of the recommendations were rejected due to nt wishing to work with ALIA or ASLA… do you think they would have been considered if the two proffesional bodies had not been attatched in the wording?

29 11 2011

Well, we might believe that they don’t want to preference any professional body…..On the other hand, at this stage of the government’s time in office, it is all about money. They want to get back in the black before the next election.

Overall, principals know TLs are the best option, but with inadequate funding F2F teachers get priority. And with local control of staffing pushed by the federals Empowering Local Schools policy and NPAs and the states and territories to give the responsibility (and blame!) to principals, the bottom line will continue to be a lack of funding. This came out in the ACT principals’ Inquiry submission, for example. The reasons given by principals for not having a qualified teacher librarian included the unavailability of qualified teacher librarians, insufficient staffing points to cover a librarian within current staffing arrangements/entitlements, and insufficient funding/unable to finance.

As Richard Cann says in the latest issue of NSWTF Education in a report of Chris Bonner’s address to Federation Council, “The Gonski Review has principals dreaming of what they would do with increased funding. Many schools are desperate for more resources to upgrade facilities such as computer labs, playgrounds and building and to reduce class sizes, increase teacher release time and extend the hours of specialist staff such as counsellors and librarians.”

So, we really must fight the good fight for adequate funding to government schools, so that all Australian students have equal learning opportunities.

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