South Australian school libraries hit by tight budgets

1 08 2012

Indaily ‏@indaily
Under threat: Tight school budgets force librarians into classrooms What are your thoughts #adelaide? @aeusa



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3 08 2012
Erica Jolly

I wish the AEU had taken a stand much earlier. We are suffering and will continue to suffer unless the SA government wakes up to the negative impact of a totally digitized laptop based approach to schooling. The fact is that Principals can and have undermined libraries/resource centres and the role of teacher librarians for some time. They have substituted school assistants part-time possibly because they have little understanding of the value of the interdisciplinary role of teacher librarians and, with their determination to be at the forefront of what seems ultimately a cheaper digital engagement, and an easier way to keep discipline, they, not just in SA, are quite proud of the decision made to develop a school in that exclusive technologicl way. Add to the power of Principals to choose staff, limitations in budgets, and teacher librarians qualified to work across subjects, to work with students of different ability levels, needs and interests and to engage with the wider community in that multi-disciplinary centre, are now used to plug gaps in class rooms. The President of SASSPA made a bland statement that she was sure Principals valued the library/resource centres but the Department of Education did not care enough to protect the positions of teacher librarians and student counsellors who just became numbers, members of the school’s ‘human resources’ to be put here or there according to short-term pragmatic needs, this latest being a tightening of school budgets. Peter Goers of ABC 891 expressed his dismay. I wish more people would wake up to what happens when we decide to put more faith in technology than in each other.
Erica Jolly MACE

14 08 2012

Well said, as usual, Erica. What do we say to parents about the unique expertise of TLs so they will be moved to stand up for them?

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