A new year – a new era

30 12 2012

The clock has ticked over to New Year’s Eve in Australia and the old year is coming to a close – and, with it, an era of The Hub blog which has been guided so well by Georgia, one of the co-founders of this advocacy group for teacher librarians. Georgia has now gone to explore new horizons and have great adventures like chasing the northern lights, but her legacy of fighting for the best education for students in this country will endure.

However, the new year also heralds a new era – I’m going to take over the management of the blog, but only with the help of its followers. Although the blog’s focus will remain the same – providing the ideas, information, suggestions, links and tools for supporting the role of the TL within the school and the community, I do not have Georgia’s nose, nouse or connections for the political arena. The Federal Government’s inquiry into school libraries and the role of teacher librarians was largely due to Georgia’s belief that it was desperately needed and her determination to make it happen.

Therefore, regular readers may notice some subtle changes.

I believe the Inquiry was just the beginning – not the end – of The Hub’s work. The report, predictably, reiterated that the responsibility for the staffing of school libraries belongs with the state and independent education authorities, and so we must continue to educate our peers and principals about our role and its integral involvement with teaching and learning, and then reach beyond the school fence to parents and politicians to ensure that they, too, understand the value the TL adds, so that it is not only valuable and valued but made mandatory. Change will only happen from within, and we must be the change-agents. The Inquiry has demonstrated that we must continue to go to the people, to show and share that in the 21st century we do so much more than what they might recall of their school experiences and to make parents demand that their child has what the child in the neighbouring school is having.

My vision for The Hub is that it will remain the go-to site for all things advocacy, but it will also make the TL and the library the hub of the school. It will continue to do what it has always done, but through the contribution of its members, we will build on its rock-solid foundations to share ideas, information, insights and anything else that will enrich and enhance the teaching and learning of our peers and pupils so The Hub is the hub.

That’s my New Year’s resolution. Please include making a contribution to this valuable resource one of yours.

Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian
M.Ed. (TL); M.App.Sci. (TL); M.I.S. (Children’s Services)
Cooma, NSW, 2630
Together, we learn from each other.




5 responses

30 12 2012
Sue Warren

Welcome 2013 and the new Hub! I look forward to reading your posts and sharing what/when/if I can

30 12 2012
C Hainstock

Well done and congratulations Barbara on taking on this important role. May 2013 be good to you and to all of us TLs out there.

1 01 2013
L Lieschke

Congratulations Barbara on this amazing new step for you. Look forward to the new look Hub in 2013.

2 01 2013
Tracey Ferguson

Well done Barbara, and thank you for taking on this role. This blog serves to inspire so many of us…thanks again.

2 01 2013
Erica Jolly

Thank you Barbara. it is vitally important to protect the schools where Principals and staff and the wider community recognise the danger of a on-size-fits all concentration on digitally-based individual access to material of all kinds. Silence would be consent to a change that will undermine avenues of learning for so many. Think of those single parents, mainly mothers, on reduced New Start income. Think of Indigenous parents wanting to support their children in their education.They need a range of avenues to support their children at school. They need teacher librarians who do not have a judgmental relationship with primary and secondary students forced on them by NAPLAN. It is equally important to help Departments of Education to see that the narrow digital approach and the destruction of library/resource centres will ultimately do more harm than good.
Erica Jolly
education/health liaison
Graduate Women-SA

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