Project 13 – putting school libraries in the national spotlight

12 03 2013

ALIA and ASLA have announced a new initiative to put school libraries in the public eye with a spotlight on what it is they do to promote cyber safety and creating and managing a safe digital footprint.

The Hub was invited to join this campaign when it was mooted some time ago and Barbara Combes has offered to be our representative, and has already had discussions with the other stakeholders. She will keep us up-to-date on the happenings, but, in the meantime, anything you can add will be warmly received.


Friday 1 March, 2013: Library associations across Australia have announced the 13 Project, to strengthen the participation of school library staff in schools’ efforts to help keep their students safer online.
Every parent fears their child being bullied, and cyberbullying has added an extra layer to the threat. The 13 Project recognises the special role of school libraries as a place where students often access online resources, and the opportunity library staff have to promote cybersafety information. The 13 Project complements other school initiatives to deal with cybersafety by positioning school library staff as having an important role in keeping students safe online.

In November last year, School Education Minister Peter Garrett said, ‘A 2009 Edith Cowan University report on covert bullying gave us a staggering statistic: one in six students are bullied weekly. A quarter of students between Year 4 and Year 9 reported being bullied at least once over the few weeks the research was undertaken. One in five students has experienced some form of cyber-bullying. This means every family either has a child, or knows one, who is being bullied at school … No child should have to go through this.’

Through the 13 Project, school library teams will have access to web-based resources and information fact sheets to guide students and parents, and industry partner Softlink will be conducting research into school libraries and cybersafety as part of its annual Australian School Library Survey.
The library associations are partnering with the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy for National Cybersafety Awareness Week, to promote being safe online through displays, events and activities right across the country. The campaign will roll out over 2013, with the main launch event taking place around National Cybersafety Awareness Week, starting on 20 May, 2013.




One response

15 05 2013
Georgia Phillips

This campaign would be better directed on publicizing the role of teacher librarians in increasing reading and improving literacy. Parents would flock to support teacher librarians on this one.

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