Fire Up for Florida

19 05 2013

TLs have a network like no other – we are the masters of using social media to gather the troops…

Here’s another US school district about to lose its qualified library staff in an attempt to meet the bottom line, but this time TLs all around the world can have a say by VOTING. Let’s show these people how much firepower we can muster… Read on…

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From Lynn Mitchell, Citrus County, FLORIDA

They are trying to shave $2 million from our budget.
Getting rid of Elementary and Middle school media specialists will be a cost savings of $500,000. I am a high school media specialist and they are not touching us because of SACS accreditation. We went to the school board meeting and although we were not on the agenda to speak, we filled out citizen comment cards and spoke during those times we were allowed. I actually spoke twice; I gave all my research to the middle and elementary school media specialists who had a power point presentation and two others spoke. Some parents spoke and others who were there to speak on other issues spoke out in favor of keeping the media specialists before they talked about their subject. It was a very positive experience.

They tabled what was to be the decision to the 23rd of May and asked the Finance Director who is actually our second Assistant Superintendent to bring other cuts to that meeting to try to save media specialists positions.

Today there is an online opinion poll in our paper … one question. Please take a second out of your busy day to vote NO to
Do you like that schools’ budget plan that would eliminate media specialists? and We are still fighting 🙂

Thank you!!!!!




One response

25 05 2013
Barbara Braxton

For those of you who voted in the poll about keeping teacher librarian positions is Florida last weekend, the voices were heard. This is the outcome…

High School positions remain untouched.
Middle and Elementary positions got a name change and some extra duties: TOSA-Media (Teacher on Special Assignment in the Media Centre) must have technology, curriculum and media knowledge.

So, if they kept up with what they were supposed to, their jobs are safe of if their principal likes the job they are doing …

Not optimum, but better than putting everyone back in the classroom and replacing with aides.

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