Show Me the Awesome

25 05 2013

Sophie Brookover, Kelly Jensen and Elizabeth Burns wanted to give librarians an opportunity to “talk up the things they want to promote about the work they’re doing.” And so began Show Me The Awesome: 30 Days of Self Promotion in which TLs were invited to write blog posts about the job they do and the things they want people to know about.

This is your opportunity to share with the broader library community what you’ve got going on that you’re especially proud of. What we’re looking for: briefly, your best foot forward! This can mean actual things you are doing in your library and community. It can also mean discussing the greater ideas of promotion and self-promotion and what they mean. How can we effectively promote ourselves and librarianship itself — both within the field and with those outside the field?
This idea grows out of the broader conversation in librarianship about gender, different areas of librarianship and how they are recognized and honored in our field as a whole. We want to recognize and celebrate ALL areas of librarianship as they are practiced now: urban, suburban, rural, big libraries & small, in children’s, YA, adult and technical services, in academia or museums, in schools and public libraries, on budgets ranging from shoestring to Kardashian (hey, we can dream!).
What are you doing that is interesting, unique, innovative, practical and helpful in your community? What do you wish more people knew about you & your library? What do you hope to bring to the profession in the next five years? Ten? Twenty?

They were aiming for a post a day throughout May and with only a few days left, they have succeeded.  But there’s no reason why it can’t be 365 Days of Awesome so why not join in.

Even if you don’t want to go public, take the time to reflect on what it is you do and how it matches up to your dreams and expectations when you first decided to enter the profession.  If there’s a disconnect, work out how to work back to what you wanted. Make a plan , share it, and share your successes.

You know you’re awesome – time to let others know too.  Show them it’s more than circulating books.





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