New promotional video clip

6 02 2014

Promoting your school library

“This short promotional film, developed by ALIA Schools, is for principals, school communities, teacher librarians, library staff and teachers and can be used to help promote the important role school libraries and teacher librarians can play through contributing to student success in learning in both primary and secondary school settings.”

At last, something worth posting:-)  Well done ALIA!


Check out these other clips on YouTube:

21st Century School Libraries (Sioux Falls Schools, 2012) (28 minutes)

Teacher Librarians at The Heart of Student Learning (Washington Library Media Association, 2013)) (5 min)




One response

10 02 2014
Erica Jolly

I am very glad that The Hub is still fighting. I hope this response is not too long. I have sent it to as many who care about libraries and the cost of their loss as I can. Unfortunately I find that I cannot put it in here. i wrote as the education/health liaison person for Graduate Women-SA about this action. I have focused on the problem of IPS schools that might decide just to go down the Henley High School road of basically machine-screen-based approaches that reduce the avenues of engagement for students of different levels of interest, ability and development. if you are in schools that want to read it please e-mail me at
and I will send the article to you. it reminds everyone of the absolute connection between library/ resource centres and significant improvement in literacy. There is so much more besides literacy but that is the focus of politicians with their narrow, reductive approach to funding schools.

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