You surely wouldn’t read about it

READERS would be right to be somewhat bewildered by Sheryl Gwyther’s reference to the federal government’s inquiry into school libraries (Letters, 3/4).
With submissions to the committee due by April 16, there has been no report of it in The Age since it was announced.
The trend to remove teacher-librarians from schools threatens to turn school libraries into the world’s most expensive closets, instead of active, vibrant centres of learning that support literacy, develop research skills, promote literature, and manage a collection that enriches the teaching of all staff.
This inquiry offers the chance for teachers, parents and students to speak up, but only if they know the opportunity exists.
Leonie Paatsch, Lara

2 responses

12 04 2010
Edel Wignell

Removing teacher-librarians from schools to turns school libraries into expensive closets. A Teacher-Librarian is next in importance to the Principal in creating the tone of the school – a vibrant centre of activity and learning. Teacher-Librarians support the work of the teachers in developing literacy. They teach research skills which enables young people for life-long learning. They promote literature joyfully, and they manage a collection that enriches the teaching of all staff.
The money recently spent on building school halls should have gone to the support of Teacher-Librarians.

12 04 2010

Hi Edel,
I wonder if you would mind if I steal that last line and send it to a few papers?!! GP

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