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15 10 2007
Barbara Braxton

I have just sent the following to Bishop, Smith, and my local candidates – well the one that has put his hand up so far!!!

Dear Ms Bishop
The Adelaide Declaration on National Goals for Schooling in the Twenty-first Century 1999 states that students must have “the capacity for, and skills in, analysis and problem solving and the
ability to communicate ideas and information, to plan and organise activities and to collaborate with others”.

In other words, our students need to be information literate.

If you are information literate then you are able to
*know when you have a need for information
*find the information you need from the most appropriate resource
*interpret and evaluate what you find and use it effectively and efficiently to meet your needs.

A leading international educator has stated “Information is like crude oil. Crude oil contains potential value, but it needs to be refined to be of real value and the more refined it is the more valuable it is.

The process of refining is expensive but the end product is valuable enough to pay for the refining.

The process of refining information is much more complex than the refining of oil, which also means that the process of information refining is extremely valuable for each individual.”

Another fears that elections will be won by those who have the best PR teams producing the slickest media campaigns rather than the best policies for the nation.

Why then, are teacher-librarians, the information specialists in schools, becoming such an endangered species in this, the Information Age?

More and more schools are choosing to spend their staffing and resource budgets in other ways because of the lack of understanding by, and lack of direction from, state and federal education
authorities of the need for a qualified information management professional in every school at all levels.

This is particularly curious when there is so much research, including an Australian study, which shows the correlation between well-staffed and well-resourced school libraries and student achievement.

Therefore, what provision has been made, or will be made, in your education policy to support the development of state school library educational programs so that all students have the opportunity
to achieve the outcomes stated in the National Goals?

I await your response.

Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian

“Together we learn from each other.”

5 04 2010
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