And so say all of us!

13 01 2008

I once mentioned a teeny criticism of Agnes Nieuwenhuizen, but I now sit here and implore her forgiveness.  Her most recent article appearing in The Age says it all.  The Hub can not put it any better. 

“Australia is sadly lagging in what is widely known internationally as reader development. Many countries have instituted national organisations to create and deliver innovative programs to foster reading and literacy….” 

Read the entire article for brilliant and inspired ideas for such programs, that really would bring about an education revolution in this country.

Please, please, everyone read this now.  Parents, teachers, principals, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, read this now.  ASLA, ALIA and our state organisations,  respond to this now.

The Hub says that it offers a more collective approach to advocacy for teacher librarians, and here is an opportunity (and not just TLs either, anyone can join in!)

1.  Print Agnes Nieuwenhuizen’s article, attach a short note, and send to

The Minister for Education, The Hon. Julia Gillard MP
PO Locked Bag 14
Werribee Vic 3030 

If you don’t have a printer, a stamp, or access to a post box, then email to

Then send us a quick note to tell us that you have done it. Based on the response to our informal and completely unscientific survey undertaken last year(200+), our current blog stats (approx 60 a day) and the unfortunate likelihood that many of our readers are off on a nice holiday, I challenge the TL community to get 100 copies of this to  our federal education minister by the end of the week.  YOUR letter could make the difference to this goal.

2. Send a letter to The Age in response to this article.  They will certainly be hearing from us, but a few more letters will always help. 

Send your letters to:
Fax: +61 (0)3 96012414
Snailmail: 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000

All letters and email (no attachments) to The Age must carry the sender’s home address and day and evening phone numbers for verification. Letter writers who would like receipt of their letters acknowledged should send a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Ideally, letters will be a maximum of 200 words.