Central State School Library Support Services

What they should be providing to support quality teaching and learning and improved school leadership:

Advisory Services

  • On departmental policy and procedures
  • On Library and Information Skills Policy development and implementation
  • On Standards of Excellence for Teacher Librarians
  • On Performance Evaluation of Teacher Librarians
  • On Evaluation and Strategic Planning for 21st C Information and Library Services
  • Participation in interdepartmental and other relevant DET committees
  • On organization and management of school libraries, including ICT
  • Liaison with schools of information and library studies
  • Liaison with tertiary faculties of education
  • Revision of the Handbook on School Libraries
  • Liaison with principals, teachers associations and teacher librarian networks
  • On bibliographic control and collection financial accountability
  • On library SAS staff role and training
  • On security systems, SCISWeb, ICT, OASIS and other library systems
  • On establishing or re-establishing libraries
  • On school archives

Professional Development including Professional Reading

For school leaders

  • On quality teacher librarians
  • On envisioning 21st C library and information services
  • On the international research linking qualified teacher librarians and quality school libraries with increased student literacy and academic achievement
  • On building effective and successful information literate school communities

For teacher librarians

  • On collection development, including school archives
  • On transformational leadership
  • On information literacy, including digital literacy and critical thinking
  • On technological developments and applications for learning and teaching
  • On contemporary literature and literacy, reading for boys, Aboriginal literature
  • On collaborative teaching
  • On cyberbullying, ethical use, plagiarism, web publishing, copyright, etc.
  • On conferences
  • On conservation and preservation of materials including flood and fire damage

For teachers

  • On information and digital literacy
  • On collaborative curriculum planning and programming, assessment and reporting
  • On resource based learning
  • On information literate school communities

Bibliographic Services

  • Coordinated professional reviewing of digital and non-digital resources to support the national and state curriculums
  • Development of criteria for evaluation of digital and non-digital curriculum materials
  • Professional bibliographies included as part of Board of Studies syllabi, including Resourcing of COGS and HSC areas of study
  • Liaison with Childrens Book Council of Australia, Australian School Library Association, Australian Library and Information Association, Australian Society of Authors, International Association of School Libraries, International Federation of Library Associations, Australian Booksellers Association, Australian Publishers Association, publishers, Curriculum Corporation, Australian Children’s Literature Alliance, English Teachers Association, Primary English Teachers Association, etc.
  • OASIS training and support
  • Information on online databases such as Australia/NZ Reference Centre (includes World Magazine Bank), Encyclopedia Britannica, Grove Art, Grove Music, History Reference Center, JSTOR, Literary Reference Center, Naxos Music Library, New Scientist Archive, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Reference Online, Science Reference Center, Scientific American, and WebLinks

Central Cataloguing Services

  • Contribution to development of standards of cataloguing for Australian school libraries
  • Contribution to the national schools cataloguing service, SCIS, and their Australian Schools Subject Headings List

Publication services

  • SCAN
  • Resource suppliers lists
  • Core collection lists
  • Handbook for School Libraries
  • OASIS Library support materials
  • Copyright information for schools
  • Teaching support materials embedding ICT use, IWBs, Information Literacy to demonstrate good pedagogy
  • New research and studies
  • Book raps promoting use of collaborative digital tools

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