ASLA advocacy

14 12 2007

It’s great to see the updates starting to appear on the ASLA website!   Click here to find out what they are saying to our politicians. 

End of year is a crazy time.  It’s good to see through our blog stats that people are still finding time to visit us here between stocktake, chasing up outstanding resources, and organising fair and equitable distribution of televisions and DVD players for all those educational end-of-year movie sessions. Rest assured, The Hub will not be taking holidays over the summer break.

Once the school year is over, please send in more stories.  How is your budget for 2008?  Did anyone’s budget go up?  How about staffing?  So far we have only heard of budgets and staffing being reduced, again.  More Boo! Hiss!  awards for principals are underway,  but I’m a bit short on nominations for Champion principals. Surely there are a few out there?