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Our professional library and teacher librarian associations all have excellent guides for advocacy and lobbying.

Advocacy and Lobbying are defined by Bookaid:

Advocacy is influencing for change – working with others to use ideas and information strategically to change the attitudes, policies and practice of governments, institutions and organisations at all levels. For example the library service might join forces with the community to advocate for more resources.

Lobbying is a particular kind of advocacy work where this is targeted towards individuals (often in government) and can be face to face.

This ALA Advocate’s handbook is particularly good.

ASLA Advocacy Kit 2006 A teacher librarian advocate’s guide to building information literate school communities

ALIA’s A library advocate’s guide to building information literate communities

The American Association of School Librarians presents an advocacy toolkit on its website. It also refers to the School Library Campaign of ALA’s @ your library. There is a pdf-version of the toolkit available;

Visit the Advocacy Resource Center of the the American Library Association;

Download the report of the Advocacy and Lobbying Workshop (pdf) of Book Aid International;

School Libraries Making a Difference is a UK website with a brochure (pdf) – devoted to advocacy of school libraries;


Canadian Coalition for School Libraries

Ontario Coalition for School Libraries

The BC Coalition for School Libraries

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30 04 2010
Amanda Credaro

Advocacy Link:

Documents how NSW politicians of both types deal with concerns regarding school libraries and teacher librarians.

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