When is a TL not a TL?

29 06 2008

Even when the blog is quiet, hubbers are still at work. 

Congratulations to hubber Sharon McGuinness who has just recorded her piece on school libraries for ABC Radio’s “Perspectives” program. Many thanks to the ABC for this opportunity.  We’ll let you know when it is going to be aired. 

A position currently being advertised (click here) at Melbourne’s Buckley Park College has us here at The Hub somewhat concerned.  The job advertised is a school services officer (SSO) position.  However the job description requires the successful applicant to  “plan and conduct library and research skills tutorials for students” and “assist with supervision of students”.   

Hmmm, tutorials.   Sounds a LOT like teaching to me.  In fact, much of the job description reads like that of a teacher librarian, except that a librarian is cheaper, and qualifies for less annual leave.  Perhaps someone with greater knowledge of library SSO standards in Victoria could give us their opinion of this position description.  Applications close late July, so the link should stay active for at least 4 weeks.