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The Hub is made up of representatives from all around Australia. New members welcome, especially from TAS, NT, ACT.

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Hub Founders

Georgia Phillips, NSW

Georgia is the political activist of The Hub. Already an active environmental campaigner, she contacted Leonie in June 2007 after reading her comments on an online TL forum. Little did she know Leonie had been reading Georgia’s comments on the same forum and already identified her as a very interesting person with some great ideas. Georgia finds this collaboration a wonderful experience, although has no idea Leonie is writing this introduction. She may edit it at her leisure.

Leonie Paatsch, VIC

Leonie is currently taking some time out from employment to be a mum, and is concerned that the profession of teacher librarianship won’t last long enough for her return to the workforce in 2011. She has experienced the vast spectrum of the job, from valued, collaborative teacher to being told to stay silent at staff meetings, and knows which she prefers. Initially, she was responsible for the blog entries, the interesting ones. (Georgia took over when Paatsch and her family went to WA for a year.) She spent a total of zero minutes learning about politics in her thirteen years of education in the 70’s and 80’s, so it is extremely fortunate she is a lifelong learner. Leonie is grateful that she and Georgia have found each other.

Media Liaison

Sharon McGuinness, NSW

Sharon’s talent for writing letters to the editor that made it into print was quickly recognised, so we would have been crazy not to utilise her skills in this area.  Our faith in her was not misplaced, as some great articles on the value of school libraries have now appeared in the media, including Sharon’s piece on ABC radio’s Perspectives. Keep an eye on the blog for developments.

Hub Contributors

Thanks to the following for their ongoing ideas, feedback, contributions and behind-the-scenes support.

Cathy Corbitt, WA

Barbara Braxton, NSW

Sarah Mayor Cox, VIC

Peter Macinnis, NSW

Jane McKenzie, NSW

Barbara Combes, WA

Margaret Spillman, QLD

Kerry Neary, QLD

David Strempel, SA

Audrey Nay, NSW

Hubcat, Vic

Plus one anonymous ex-officio advisor 🙂

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