Dear Julia Gillard, part 2

23 01 2008

Remember our very first blog entry Dear Julia Gillard,  part 1? It seems like a lifetime ago, undertaken when the ALP was still the opposition party.  Now Julia Gillard is the Federal Minister for Education, as well as deputy PM.  It was high time I paid her office another visit.

Regular readers will know how much we loved Agnes Nieuwenhuizen’s article in The Age earlier this month.  We know the link was emailed many times to our education minister, but here at The Hub,  we wanted to really make sure Julia read it.  Thus the “Hub Hamper” was born.

Hub hamper

That’s a framed and laminated copy of the article.  A pink cup and saucer, containing a selection of teas, coffee and drinking chocolate.  A few sugars on the side, and some Arnott’s bikkies. A letter from us is tucked away in there as well.

I headed into Werribee, with The Hub spokesmodels on board.  It seemed a good omen that there was a carpark available just metres from the office. We all hopped out and took a few photos to mark the occasion.

It was a brief visit.  I just explained why this hamper was being presented on behalf of Australian teacher librarians. The staff member smiled and told me he would leave it on her chair so she would definitely find it.  Yay!

Hub spokesmodels

Introducing the Hub spokesmodels.

Miss 7 on the left is intrigued by politics. She refused to go to bed on election night until the winner was announced.  I suspect she would have burst with excitement had she even glimpsed Ms Gillard herself.

That’s my previously mentioned budding entomologist on the right.  At 5 years of age, she is a fluent reader.  After looking over the ballot paper last year, she told me to vote for the “what women want” party.

The Hub spokesmodels are dressed in their favourite outfits.