The Hub in print!

17 05 2008

Read all about us!! Those of you with the latest edition of Magpies magazine (Vol. 23) might like to turn to page 8-10 to read about The Hub.  A big thank you to Australian children’s literature bibliographer, Kerry White, and Rayma Turton (Magpies editor), both of whom compile The Source. Dr. White has assembled our varied scribblings into an engaging and provocative article about The Hub. Here is the first page. The Hub article

Also in print this month is Hubber Sharon McGuiness, with a piece in Incite (Vol. 29 Issue 5, May ’08) entitled, “Book Raps : Linking learning, literacy and technology”.  In fact, many of our Hubbers get in print:  Margaret Spillman in Knowledge Quest; Kerry Neary in the Queenland primary principals journal, and, of course, the unquenchable Peter Macinnis.  So, a pat on the back to all, but, more importantly, encouragement and inspiration to all TLs to get out there publishing for principals, teachers, and parents.  It is up to us all to send the message that school libraries make a difference!