BER staffing: The Hub asks for Questions on Notice

2 11 2011

One way to try to get information out of governments is to get members to ask Questions on Notice of Ministers, written requests for information often requiring detailed responses concerning government administration.

In an attempt to get detailed information on government school library staffing, and especially BER library staffing, the Hub has contacted an opposition member in each state or territory to ask their Minister of Education for figures on the qualifications of persons-in-charge of their school libraries.

We have had questions asked in 6 of the 8 parliaments:

QLD Bruce Flegg, Shadow Ed Minister, has asked a QoN* on 11th October.

ACT Meredith Hunter, Greens leader, has asked these Questions on Notice* on 11th October.

NT Shadow Minister of Education, Peter Chandler, has asked Questions on Notice. Complete staffing statistics for NT govt schools were provided in response in February 2012.

SA Greens MLC, Tammy Franks, has put these Questions on Notice*.

Vic Sue Pennicuik, Greens senator, was to ask the QoN at the end of October.

NSW  Senator John Kaye, Greens education spokesperson, asked these questions* on 24 Octber during Budget Estimates.

WA‘s Green’s MLC, Alison Xamon, asks our QoN in September 2011. Shadow Minister, Ben Wyatt, has not responded.

Tasmania‘s Shadow Minister, Michael Ferguson, has not responded.

*See our original question and the questions asked here.  As you can see it is a tricky business for some pollies to interpret your question accurately.  Yet the issue has been raised and replies may be useful.  If you are in Tasmania and think your local member can help please contact



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